Welcome to this website devoted to aspects of neuropsychiatry in New Zealand. This is an increasingly well established subspecialty of psychiatry with strong links both with neuropsychology and behavioural neurology, and the major local group is the Neuropsychiatry Section of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (formerly the Neuropsychiatry Interest Group of the College). See further details here.

The major international affiliation of this Section is to the International Neuropsychiatric Association, established by Colin Shapiro, and Dimitris Dikeos of Greece is currently the President of the INA.

At present there is little training in this country in neuropsychiatry as such, and this is a matter to be rectified over the coming years, especially by the newly formed Section of Neuropsychiatry of the local College of Psychiatrists. Much of the management of the above disorders is undertaken by general psychiatrists, and helpfully at least some training is now included in a number of training programs. Psychiatrists specialising in the mental health of older persons and psychiatrists liaising to general hospitals usually have considerable familiarity with neuropsychiatric disorders, and the majority of Australasian psychiatrists belonging to the Neuropsychiatry Section have trained and work as psychogeriatricians or consultation liaison psychiatrists. There is a Special Interest Group in Intellectual Disability in the RANZCP, formed in 2011 and aspiring to becoming a Section in late 2014, and obviously again there is considerable overlap in interest here.

A Linked In group has just been developed  in order to facilitate communication between those of us in New Zealand who wish to consolidate our community and share ideas, and will assist in organising local meetings also.